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Color Rainbow Trends 2019

Upcoming season 2019, we present our new color palette. A range of tones wisely combined in a delicate balance, and that invite you to recognize spaces in their fullness .
The chosen colors are part of the exclusive Color Rainbow® Tintometric System, and reflect the three concepts that Emapi has been developing its palette for this 2019, the which interpret the spirit of the company and are translated into the language of color:
TRUST: Golden Delicious, Pinecone or Tweed convey the serenity that comes from trust in what we already know or feel.
SOLIDITY: Silverado, Bay Berry and Spruce they speak to us about their own concept, based on the strength of those who know where they are going.
PERMANENCE: in the colors Cavalier, Nordic Sea or Boa we will find the answer of the reason of that permanence, of the hand of the Confidence and the Solidity.
We work on these pillars, developing products of innovation and premium quality. Therefore, we have decided that these three values ​​will be reflected in the trend color palette for next year.


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