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12 MAY 2010

FitaFLEX, now in Argentina

Emapi, a national company with more than fifty years in the segment of waterproofing, continues to grow and innovate, thinking of offering its customers, new and better products, both in performance and quality, being overcome day by day and posing new challenges in Position of recognized leadership. After the successful landing of FitaFLEX, the multipurpose self-adhesive asphalt membrane, in the Brazilian market, where it achieved a resounding acceptance, it was decided that the packaging (so good result obtained in that country) would adapt to our domestic market. The result is a box that with an attractive and practical design for the three standard presentations (rolls of 10 mts long by 10, 15 and 20 cm wide), manages to highlight the product giving it an unmistakable identity and image, at the same time Of preserving it from external agents, for a better exposure and commercial contextualisation in the sales rooms, and for its easy consolidation in logistic boxes, getting the product (sensitive to blows and dents) arrive without deterioration to the final consumer. FitaFLEX, the self-adhesive asphalt membrane, is a multipurpose product of wide performance, used for small repairs, reinforcements and termination, which for its application does not require heat or other complementary adhesives. Apply and go. As they say in Brazil: "Seals on the spot". Its scope of application is varied: metallic ceilings, asbestos cement, concrete, tiles, etc. It is used for the repair of membranes, meetings between roof and load wall, perimeter reinforcement of skylights, ventilation ducts and air conditioning. It also protects, gutters and drains, bases and floors of bodies, trunks, extending its use to a myriad of possibilities. Its fast gluing ensures a safe response and excellent performance. A new packaging for FitaFLEX. A new response from Emapi to your needs!!!


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