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Waterproofing Paint - Emacril

Emapi, an argentine company with more than sixty years of leadership in the waterproofing segment, has successfully positioned its Emacril product. With a strong presence in graphic and audiovisual media, through campaigns of great impact. Emacril has become a benchmark among its competitors, backed by the positive response of consumers . Emacril is a liquid membrane, which design incorporates special acrylic polymers that give it high resistance to rainfall, wind erosion, UV radiation and other extreme weather factors. It is very easy to apply on all types of horizontal ceilings, sloping or vaulted and on terraces with moderate traffic.The incorporation of synthetic fibers, favors the formation of a support mesh, of great adhesion to the substrate and high mechanical resistance to the movements of dilation and contraction. It provides excellent results, providing an insurmountable barrier to rain, moisture and seepage on cement, fiber cement, tile, non-glazed ceramic, polyester-finished asphalt membranes and other similar substrates. In short, these are some of the reasons that have made Emacril a flagship product in the market, highly reliable when deciding how and with what to waterproof, and so we are transmitted daily by our clients, who are in contact with architects , Applicators and the public in general, those who have found in Emacril, an irreplaceable ally in their projects. 


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