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What type of paint does Emapi produce?

There are many types of paint. Industrial paints, automotive paints, and decorative paints. Emapi manufactures decorative paints for all substrate involved in a work (masonry, wood, metal, etc.), offering the market high-end products.

What should be taken into account at the time of painting?

Make sure that the surface is perfectly prepared for the product to be applied. Mix well the contents of the product before starting to apply it. If more than one container is to be used, mix its contents with each other. Do not apply paints under extreme weather conditions. Respect recommended drying times for each product.

?What is the estimated coverage of Emapi's paint?

Estimates require specific calculations for each surface you want to paint. In general, our paints have a yield of 12 to 16m2 (39 to 52 sq2) per liter per hand, except very specific cases.

How much toner should I use?

The recommended maximum amounts of colorant (Entonador Universal) for each product is 37.5 cm3 per liter of paint.

Do Emapi products need dilution?

Our products are presented ready to use; If necessary, dilute with the minimum amount that allows its application. Always use the appropriate diluent indicated on the package.

Are emapi's paints product resitant to traffic?

It should be noted that paints in general are non-trafficable, unless it is the recommended use.

How should products be stored that will not be used for a while?

Store products in a cool, dry place. It should be remembered that all properties and characteristics are affected by the passage of time, so it is advisable to continuously rotate the products.
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