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FitaFLEX multipurpose self-adhesive asphalt membrane

FitaFLEX is a high perfomance multipurpose self-adhesive asphalt membrane, which for its application does not need to be apply with blowpipe or other complementary adhesives. It is presented in rolled sheets conformed with modified asphalt mass with synthetic elastomers and resins that give it optimal adhesion. This product combines the excellent waterproofing properties of Emapi's elastomeric asphalts with the attributes of flexible aluminum composed of thermofusion, incorporated in its self-protection layer, which gives protection to the action of heat and the incidence of UV radiation on asphalts. This assembly guarantees the most demanding demands in folding, traction, bending and punching, providing a barrier of insurmountable protection to water and water vapor. Easily applicable, it provides simultaneous protection and reinforcement, while terminating the various waterproofing systems.

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