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06 JULY 2018

Maca P - Asphalt Paint

Over 66 years in the market,Emapi leader in waterproofing products, presents Maca P; asphalt paint, formulated as a Quick Drying Primer, to be used as a previous step to the placement of asphalt membranes ( IRAM Standard 12627), improving the adhesion of these to the substrate and generating with its application a pre-waterproofing that is completed and perfected with the placement of the Emapi Asphalt Membranes.
On clean surfaces and dry, free of dust or loose material, Maca P is easily applied with a brush or brush. That is why, added to its excellent performance, they make it the irreplaceable ally of the setter.
Used as a painting, its water-repellent and anti-corrosive qualities are widely known, providing protection to iron structures, silos and poles. lighting.
It is presented commercially in 1, 4 and 18 liter containers, as well as in 200 liter drums, specially oriented to large works.
For all this, when thinking about a total waterproofing from the first step, think of Maca P Special Quick Dry Asphalt Paint.


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